Thalassotherapy treatment

Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek thalasso (sea) and therapy (cure). It is a therapeutic treatment based on the use of water and products from the sea with natural vitamins and minerals. Thalassotherapy improves tissue, fights flaccidity and cellulite, and slows skin ageing.

Peeling + moisturising


Extra-calming and moisturising treatment with aromatherapy oils.

Designed to stimulate metabolism and foster fat burning. Get the figure you want and get rid of “orange-peel skin”.


Draining and cellulite reducing

Firm chest

Dermatitis and psoriasis

Treatment by stimulating the circulatory system, firming tissue and reducing cellulite. Balance your figure.

Tone and firm with active ingredients that tense, lift and remodel.

Remineralisation treatment with calming, relaxing effect.